SantaMedical TENS Unit Electrodes Pads 2×2 (40) Pcs Replacement Pads Electrode Patches for Electrotherapy

About the product

  • Premium Universal Compatibility Pigtail TENS unit pads are self adhesive reusable electrodes

Electrodes Pads

  • SantaMedical TENS Pads Medical Electrodes are FDA Cleared OTC with resealable packaging for durability
  • TENS Electrodes Pads are used for electro stim TENS therapy like EMS and electrode massager
  • Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator Tens electrode pads builds muscle- electric stimulation Estim electrodes
  • Tens Machine EMS Unit pads use quality gel and are latex free with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Product Description

Get ready to experience a pain free life!

If you are suffering from several types of acute and chronic pains, you can manage the situation by using a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS). Through self-adhesive electrode pads, the TENS unit and electrical muscle stimulation minimize the pain by making sure the pain signals won’t reach the brain, and instead gives you a happier disposition by releasing Endorphins. SantaMedical offers top quality TENS electrodes pads for over the counter TENS unit which help you to live life pain free!

·         Everything you need to live life pain free!

Select from a wide variety of SantaMedical TENS unit reusable electrode pads shapes and sizes which can cater more specifically to your  transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation needs. Choose from square in 2” x 2”, rectangle in 2” x 4”, butterfly in 4.5” x 6”, long strips in 1.5″ x 13″ and rounded in 1”, 2”, or 2.75” diameter TENS unit replacement pads. The shaped TENS units electrodes in smaller sizes are recommended for more compact pain areas like the head, knees or elbows. Meanwhile, the bigger ones like the butterfly electrodes are perfect for larger areas such as the back for TENS pain relief. You can choose from the universal pigtail connection or the universal snap electrodes connectors depending on your TENS device.

The electrode champion that gets the job done!

There are many ways in which SantaMedical TENS unit electrodes make sure that you are pampered even while undergoing TENS electrotherapy and electrode massage. Each electrode pad has a hypoallergenic cloth backing which makes it comfy to use. The self-adhesive electrodes for muscles are pre-gelled, which allows for better flexibility and stays longer on the skin, therefore the current from the TENS massage unit is efficiently and effectively distributed to the target area. This prevents shocks and burns, therefore giving you a smooth and peaceful electro therapy session.

Sit back and relax, because we got you!

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is widely used for different purposes such as pain management, tissue repair, muscle relaxation and strengthening, bone growth promotion, body circulation improvement, etc.

For the best results use high quality TENS unit electrodes pads like SantaMedical universal replacement electrodes for all TENS, EMS & IF units using snap or pigtail pin type connectors in order for the TENS machine to work best for you.

SantaMedical is concerned about you, our over-the-counter medical-grade TENS electrodes are latex-free and pre-gelled. Each bag of gel electrodes also includes a lot number and expiration date information.

SantaMedical neurostimulation electrodes pads have been proven to exude topnotch quality that works perfectly for electro stimulation therapy.

Our repeat customers thank us for placing our reusable self adhesive premium electrodes in individual bags with accompanying instructions.

Rest assured that these ​SantaMedical TENS unit patches are durable and reusable. Our TENS unit replacement electrodes are assured to last longer with their resealable packaging, and can be used several times with proper storage and use.

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