Gurin Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Review

Gurin’s professional rechargeable oral irrigator is a good mix of an inexpensive water flosser and a cheaper power flosser. Gurin flosser comes with rechargeable batteries that plug into the wall with the cord. Two interchangeable tips make it easy to switch between users. The oversized water reservoir lasts for several seconds, and it’s easy to refill. You can take this device anywhere because of the batteries. Just remember to take the cord with you. Gurin water flosser is a bit unwieldy in your hand, but that’s because Gurin packs a lot of features into this awesome machine.

New Water Flosser

Gurin Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Overview:

Three Modes

You have three modes in Gurin oral irrigator. Normal mode delivers a steady stream of water. Soft reduces the water pressure for people with sensitive teeth and gums. Pulse loosens food and plaque by shooting water at very quick intervals. All you do is push a button to change modes, and a green light indicates which one to use. Soft mode is perfect for people with braces, dentures, implants or teeth straighteners. Remember to keep your mouth over the sink as you use this device so the water doesn’t get on your clothes!

Large Reservoir

A large reservoir can handle one quick flossing from top to bottom. If you want to take your time and do a more thorough job, refill the reservoir in between the top and bottom teeth. The large reservoir is easy to refill, just detach it and run it under the sink. If you have very sensitive teeth that can’t stand cold water, just fill the device with lukewarm tap water and you’re ready for a clean mouth.

Two Tips

Each Gurin oral irrigator comes with two tips. One tip has green on it, while the other is blue. Order refill tips separately, especially if you have more family members in your household. Replacement tips also come in handy if you want to travel, the older tips wear out, or if they become damaged from regular use.


Take this everywhere you go. You may need to buy a special bag to transport it, or just use the original packaging. Either way, this fits easily into your luggage, carry-on bag or toiletries bag. The original packaging keeps the device safe from nicks, dings or crushes when you travel. The box is small enough to fit in a bottom corner of your travel bags, so it stays out of the way. The tip unscrews from the base.


Recharging the base means you don’t have to buy batteries or replace batteries every two weeks. A green light indicates when charging is complete. Just use the cord that comes with the Gurin professional rechargeable oral irrigator and you have a constant source of power. To maintain full power, plug in the base after every few uses.

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